Local assessment

Skoleporten present data relevant for local assessment relating to the fields learning outcome, learning environment, resources and completion rate.

Responsibility for local assessment

School owners and the school administration are responsible for carrying out local assessment. To develop a learning organization and provide the best possible learning for each pupil, quality assurance activities should involve the entire organization. Pupils and parents should be included in these activities when relevant.

What is a good result?

Several matters play a role when we want to assess whether or not a result is satisfactory. The results achieved must be assessed in accordance with the objectives defined in the Education act, regulations, general curriculum and subject curricula. Results must also be assessed according to local objectives the school owner and the school have defined and put into force.

In some of the fields Skoleporten makes it possible to view changes in results in the same field over time.

Comparison of results

Comparing results from other schools may also be useful and Skoleporten makes it possible to do this. The importance of the various results in Skoleporten will nevertheless depend on national and local priorities and the local situation. It is therefore important to consider the local conditions at one's own school and the schools used for comparison.

"Local conditions" means all circumstances that may influence the results, such as geographical location, socio-economic conditions, school size, teacher density and composition of classes and the student body at the school.